Litvinenko cover-up in full swing

The Latest news in the case of Alexander Litvenenko is that the Russians have effectively put a stop to any enquiries that the British Police may have.

There will be no extraditions, and British Police officers will be able to meet possible witnesses/suspects but will not be able to ask them questions.

Meanwhile the standard Russian move of denial and denunciations carries on.
It is an established feature of Russian political life that nothing is admitted or even acknowledged to exist, until in the face of irrefutable proof the modus operandi is to declare it to be a set-up.

Of course, this government has its hands tied because it needs Russia's assent in too many of its own murky operations, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. You are unlikely to see this government denouncing the Russians as state assassins.

Putin is a criminal, but so is Blair. People die. The politicians just get richer and fatter.

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