EMO GIRL does Christmas.

I went to me nan's - right? and I woz sooooo board and the place smelled of brussels sprouts and it woz gross. I got a beatles cd from my nan. I mean, get real! They soooo old and blatant perves from the sixties and stuff and all hippy like and dont wash. George mccartney was in the beatles, right? And he got married to this chav with a wooden leg. I bet she puts it by the side of err bed. Eneway me mam told me she is divorcing george and getting all his money, which dad thinks int right. But me mam does. And thats cool. Newayzzz Im gunna go cus blink 182 are playin live on mtv!!! How fucking safe is that?!?

---àEMO GIRLß---

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