Your Favourite Comedy Sketch

This is your opportunity to make a bid for your favourite comedy Sketch. Yes, Yes, I know I have missed out tons of them but that's the way it goes.

Here you can move yours to the top of the list and let me know the crucial one I have missed out, and why.

  1. One Leg too Few. Pete and Dud at their best
  2. Four Candles. Funny at the time.
  3. The Spanish Inquisition. One of many favourite Python sketches.
  4. The Four Yorkshiremen. "Eee, Jedediah, it were tough.. we used to live in a dustbin and eat gravel for tea. Gravel!!! Your were lucky!..."
  5. Ted and Ralph. all the sketches. A brilliant invention that moved the boundaries.
  6. Suit You Sir! So irritatingly vulgar but spot on.
  7. Mr Chlomondeley Warner. "Women, know your limits" Never a truer word.
  8. All the right notes. Morcambe and Wise with Mr Preview.
  9. Julian and Sandy. Regulars on "Round the Horne" and still achingly funny forty years later.
  10. The Young Ones on University Challenge. Vivian losing his head.
  11. History Today. Baddiel and Newman. You know you?


a.c.t. said...

I still love the four candles sketch and find it funny everytime I watch it. What about the Waldorf Salad episode on Fawlty Towers? That's a classic.

Lumpy Gravy said...

Good choices. There have also been some really good sitcoms on in recent years. I particularly rate Curb Your Enthusiasm, Phoenix Nights and The Mighty Boosh.