A day's pay for a day's work

You get paid for working, ok?

Apparently some people disagree. They think they should be paid for not working.



subrosa said...

I heard a tube driver speaking on Talksport in the middle of the night WW. He was most honest, explaining he earned £40,000 a year plus 41 days annual leave.

He had gone into work, from Milton Keynes, on Monday but the most of the tubes couldn't run because the rails were frozen and therefore the trains were unable to gain power contact.

His boss had suggested he take a day's leave for the Tuesday and he was happy with that. Many of his colleagues objected though.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you for that, Rosa.

I have to make my own way in the world and I certainly do not get 41 days paid leave and neither does Mrs Weasel. In fact Mrs Weasel cannot take the leave she is entitled to.

I understand the situation to some extent, but for goodness sake, it's a ha'porth of SNOW! I am just a bit fed up with people getting the idea that everyone else should subsidise them when a little problem happens and they fancy a duvet day.