You wouldn't know this if you rely on the MSM, number one.

My usual standards of research for this piece have had to be ditched. It has been almost impossible to find any connection between the subject below, and the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith.

The death of Harry Potter actor Rob Knox has been widely reported. What has not been widely reported is that the alleged killer, who was previously convicted for violent crimes, is black.

The facts are very simple. More young men convicted of knife crimes are black. More victims are white. There is more black on white knife crime than black on black knife crime.

This is in relation to population and the figures, if you can find them, are statisically compelling.

These figures, by the way, are largely suppressed, the Metropolitan Police are in the forefront, aided and abetted by the Home Office, hence the mysterious absence of Smith's name and the issue of black youth knife crime.

There is no outrage, to discussion and no debate about the problem of black youths who commit knife crime. The word "black" is rarely mentioned, which renders the substantial statistical anomaly useless in informing the debate. Instead, we are falsely led to believe that this is a problem for the general population, when it clearly is not.

This is not the way to deal with problems, just because they aren't in accord with the narrative. I don't see any of this being mentioned on Newsnight, or Today or Question Time.

This is not about finding scapegoats. This is about identifying the origins of the problem, something the politicians are unwilling to face.

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