Lord Ahmed

Lord Ahmed has been jailed for 12 weeks (out in six) for dangerous driving, in an incident in which a man died.

A few things.

Ahmed has been spun here and there as confessing straight away. He did not. He said nothing until he was confronted by the evidence that he was texting.

It is claimed his speed was about 60 mph on a motorway, yet he was in the outside lane. Was he overtaking a horse and cart?

Phone records are not accurate enough to prove he was not texting at the moment of impact. The judge was wrong. (Ahmed may have been preparing a text that was never sent)

12 weeks is acknowledged to be a negligible sentence, many ordinary white people have been given years for the same offense.

My belief is that the sentence was unduly light. Make of that what you will.

At least he is now out of politics and hopfully the House of Lords.

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an ex-apprentice said...

Interesting points, WW, and relevant.

Personally, I never needed legislation to stop me using a phone whist driving. I found that quite unlike any other activity, smoking, eating, talking etc, using the phone had a far greater effect on concentration and awareness. I made it a firm rule not to do it long before legislation came in.

I mention this because, of course, texting must be many times worse, and anyone who texts whist driving shouldn't be let loose with a wheelbarrow, let alone a car.

As to Ahmed being out of politics, I fear you underestimate the shamelessness and sheer cheek of our modern day politicians.

Such concepts as duty, honour and personal responsibility are apparently long gone.