If you tolerate this..you are an idiot.

Some people may be aware that Ryanair flights do not deliver all they appear to promise. Scantily clad flight attendants is one of them, but the disappointment does not stop there.

The Times has a story today about Ryanair's putative plans to put a coin slot on the lavatory doors of their aircraft. Where I live, people will pee themselves rather than spend a pound to use a loo.

But it was The Times' headline that made me sigh. "Ryanair sparks outrage over pound toilet charge plan"

The Times is really out to get Ryanair and for some reason, they feel they have a legitimate case. Alongside this article is another one, a list of 40 Ryanair alleged misdemeanors.

The airline has a record of nasty public relations. They can and will dump you in any part of the world and cancel flights when it suits them. They can be nasty to people who complain about it. It is virtually impossible to book a flight with Ryanair for the headline price, because, unless you have Visa Electron, you must pay a £10 credit/debit card charge. The list, as they say, is endless.

So next time you are arrested at your home, and forcibly marched onto a Ryanair flight, get in touch and I will do all I can to help.

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