Well, somebody has to do it

The British Board of Film Classification are embroiled in a difficult dispute about their examiners, who have complained about new conditions in which they must view porn films.

Apparently, the Board has recommended that one examiner on his own views the films, instead of two, in order to cut costs. Well, they don't like this.

According to The Register

The "examiners", however, say that "films that are refused an R18 certificate often include scenes that many find disturbing, including sadomasochism and sexual violence", adding that "viewing pornographic content alone will increase the chances of being sexually aroused by the material".

Well, bugger me. I knew there were side effects associated with viewing porn (so I am told) but sexual arousal did not occur to me.


subrosa said...

Best laugh of the week WW! Even my settee-sitter managed a grin and that's a rare occasion I assure you.

Lawson Narse said...

The "Single Viewer" rule was brought in for a reason.

The BBFC was afraid that they were beginning to be perceived as a "Bunch of Wankers".

By accepting the "Single Viewer" procedure, it was felt that it would assuage the public's concerns on the matter.

It would now appear that this was a misjudged press release and the public perception is that they are all now just "Sad Wankers".

It is believed that an action, by the individuals involved, against the BBFC may be in the pipeline, in an effort to get their working hours increased.

An offer by their employer for relief at regular intervals has been greeted with open zips.

Your commenter will now get his coat.

brownlie said...

Well, on the one hand they may be right but on the other ...?

J said...

These people do a very important job. They must make sure that liquid expelled from the anus of one performer is not seen to be eaten by another. They must check that performers engaged in sexual activity are not gagged or bound in a way that prevents them from removing consent if they should so choose. Oral sex that causes choking is obviously forbidden etc. They should be allowed to choose the conditions under which they work.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks J for reminding us of the ever-present need to consider health and safety issues.