The diversity of sexuality

Forgive me. I am becoming a slave to statporn. Regular bloggers will know what I mean.

But seriously.

A while back an MP was discovered, deceased, apparently the subject of a bizarre sex death; Stephen Milligan was found, dressed only in stockings and suspenders with a piece of Satsuma in his mouth. He had been taking illegal drugs. And then there was Mark Oaten, and Simon Hughes, and..well the list is endless. In other news, Max Mosley was exposed as a sado-masochist.

Ken Livingstone said something about this which I did not forget. He said that (to paraphrase) there is a spectrum of sexuality. You cannot logically describe people as gay or straight or deviant because the boundaries are not clear. I don't think they are. I think we are desperate, in our unimaginative ways, to pigeon hole (not a euphemism) people in all sorts of ways, but especially naughty sexual ones. Now, there will be people out there who know for certain what they are. Good luck to them. But there are also many who do not. Simon Hughes, when it came out that he was "secretly" gay said, "It's not as simple as that". I believe him. It is not as simple as that.

I am always irritated by people who ask me "And what do you do?" I used to say I was a lion tamer, and I got away with it every time, but now I am more likely to say "I don't know".

Before you ask, I am fairly certain that I am straight, being on my second marriage, with two kids, and some lapses in fidelity of the heterosexual kind several years back. It probably explains why, in 1972, I felt totally comfortable living with a screaming queen in a remote farm cottage.

But I digress. What I am trying to say, given today's rather confusing news that the husband of the Home Secretary watches gay porn, is that you can no more pin people down on sexuality than you can pin people down on the food they eat. We are all different and diverse on both counts and I kind of hope that in the future, when people say "that's disgusting" it will carry as much weight as when they are talking about Brussels Sprouts.

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lilith said...

Hi Weasel.

It is not disgusting that he was watching it, it is the thought of him watching it that is disgusting...