Follow the Money

Yesterday, on Tom Harris' blog I posted a comment about a parallel between Nixon and his mooted impeachment under three articles, and Culpability Brown:

1. Obstruction of Justice

2. Abuse of Power.

3. Contempt of Congress

I bemoaned the fact that Brown and New Labour have gotten away with high crimes and misdemeanors, but I finished the comment by saying:

And sooner or later, somebody in some government department or somebody from number ten, with an axe to grind will provide evidence that will resist shredding and spin.

And now it seems that the comment was more prescient than I had suspected; following the revelation that the husband of Jacqui Smith has been downloading pornography at Tax Payer's expense, the BBC reports:

BBC political correspondent Reeta Chakrabarti said there were rumours "whizzing round Labour's circles" that there may be a Tory mole in the House of Commons fees office, following several leaks.

So perhaps the Watergate analogy was not as far fetched as I suspected it might be, for the instructions given to the two reporters who broke the story, by "Deep Throat" was FOLLOW THE MONEY.

The Jacqui Smith story is hardly of Watergate proportions, but it is only the next in a long line of drip, drip revelations that are damaging to the Government. Very soon, a lot more of these stories are going to reach the public domain and there is nothing legal the Government can do to stop them.


Anti-crapitalist said...

Apart from giving a few people the sack, and perhaps blaming the economic climate.

Anonymous said...

I like the drip-drip comment - these expense scandals must be like Chinese water torture for Labour at the moment.

When Teflon Tony was in charge it was all water off a duck's back but I suspect that there is now a combination of the people being completely pissed off with the government's sleaze and spin, and Gordon's ever loosening grip on reality.