For those who somehow missed the point..

A late comer to the debate on Scottish Racism (see below) or

has this to say about his experiences in Aberdeen:

Mr Weasel,
I can very much relate to your post, living in Aberdeen (to attend the University) and being heckled on many occassions as me and my mates are English. Obviously there's plenty of pleasant Scots out there, but we tend to not even step out on the streets during the weekend evenings, because we expect abuse from the locals for our accents... despite some of us being half-Scottish or even living here for several years. When was the last time a Scot residing in Hull or Northampton was told to f*** off because of their accent?

This issue will not go away, and I will not stop posting about it until some Scots people wake up and deal with it. And BTW, blaming me for Glencoe and other historical misdemeanors won't wash either. I wasn't there, and neither were you.

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