Judge in Ahmed case is former Political Appointee

Judge Alan Wilkie, the judge in the Ahmed Case, is a former Labour appointee to the Law Commission, with more than one case of finding for the government in matters of legal advice.

So what is going down here? A judge with close political connections to the present Government is trying a case in which a politically appointed peer is charged with dangerous driving.
Law Commisioners are appointed by the Lord Chancellor or the Secretary of State for Justice and serve for three years. In essence, he is chosen in part, according to his willingness to cooperate with the Government. And cooperate he did. Several times. Wilkie has "previous", to be taken into consideration.

During his tenure,
Judge Wilkie was commissioned by Jack Straw to head a 20 month inquiry into the "double jeopardy" rule, after Straw decided you should be able to try someone for the same crime again if the jury does not get the answer "right" the first time. Judge Wilkie provided just the findings Straw wanted.

This is not the first time that Judge Wilkie has been of one accord with Mr Straw. In 2000, Wilkie found similarly in Straw’s favour over the introduction of Prosecutor’s right of appeal.

Other areas the Judge was involved in included the controversy over abolishing trial by jury, when he felt it necessary to "clarify" his position by circulating an assurance to politicians that

"It is not our intention by our scheme to reduce the number of jury trials, or the number of counts on an indictment which will be the subject of jury trial".

Nice to know that Alan Wilkie is on such good terms with Jack Straw. I wonder if they keep in touch? I am willing to bet they do. Have they discussed the Ahmed case? You might think that. I couldn't possibly comment.


Gareth said...

Justice Lady Hallett was called to the same bar as a certain Jack Straw.

I wonder if they know each other.

Maturecheese said...

This smells to high heaven as I have pointed out on other bloggs. Justice is dead in this corrupt country.

Van Helsing said...

Anyone too close with Jack the Hat is certain to have some of the slime transfered.