Luton Protests

Here is a longer, non censored version of the counter protest against the scumbag pigs who insulted the returning 2nd battalion Royal Anglian Regiment, as they paraded through Luton. Well done, Luton. A to any Muslims out there. Be warned. No sanitised BBC version of events, no pleading "free speech" is going to protect your brand of hatred from the reactions of decent citizens. You might just get a taste of the kind of justice you preach about.

Hat tip to "dazed and confused" at Old Holborn's place.

PS I wasn't there, but it looked to me as if the plod found this as distasteful as anybody else. From what I can make out from the film, their body language shows that they are relaxed and exasperated.


Michael J. Bernard said...

the wheels are coming off of the bus everywhere!


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Welcome, Michael, and thanks for the very interesting link.