Scottish Racist Watch

As I said, due to the fact that some Scots are in denial about racism against the English, I continue to report incidents on this blog.

The latest comes from Bannockburn. A scumbag called Kevin Testall pleaded guilty at Stirling Sheriff Court to acting in a racially aggressive manner towards his female, English neighbour.

According to the Stirling Observer:

the occupants of Mrs Cross’s home heard shouting and swearing, went into her back kitchen, and saw Tetstall, an unemployed concrete fixer, in her garden in an agitated state.

The depute fiscal said Mrs Cross opened her back door and asked Tetstall to keep his voice down, saying there were children in the house.

Tetstall replied: “Shut up you f****** old English cow, f*** off back to England.”

English in Scotland have to deal with this sort of thing all the time. Don't you think you need to do something about your attitudes?


Conan the Librarian™ said...

How many stories would you like me to unearth?

Do you honestly think that an Englishman in a dispute with his Scots neighbour has never said "fuck off back to Scotland?"

Wrinkled Weasel said...

This is not a points scoring exercise. This is a challenge to the Scots to confront their problem.

Anonymous said...


I agree it's not acceptable but no less so than English racism against Scots - have you seen some of the comments online, usually in relation to GB and the West Lothian question?

The English also need to change their attitude.

Jay said...

I have English family. It is unaceptable on all sides but I have read some of the comments on guido and some in te telegraph etc. It's an all round affair and mutual respect. it's never going to be acheived with only 1 party acting, it takes both and if sincere an acceptance that Scotland has been denied a free choice on it's future. This is where a lot of the trouble comes from , the historical disregard some English people have for Scots and the meek and battered and wild way we can react back.Neither is pretty.