Honestly I don't know why any of us bother

Lord Ahmed has been freed on appeal. He spent 16 days in jail for dangerous driving that resulted in the death of another motorist.

Recently, a man called Robert Bennet, was sentenced to six months in prison for riding a motorcycle, with his 14 year old son on the back, at 122 miles per hour. Reckless and stupid. The thing is, he killed nobody. He was not texting at the time of the incident.

A waitress got 21 months for killing someone whilst texting. But of course this waitress was not a Muslim and a Labour Peer. 21 months, waitress. 16 days Muslim politician? See the difference there?

This Ahmed affair stinks.

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Lawson Narse said...

Lord Ahmed was never charged over the crash but admitted one charge of dangerous driving in connection with sending and receiving the text messages while driving.

District Judge Mark Hadfield said this was a case of "prolonged driving, which is clearly bad driving and dangerous driving".

He told Lord Ahmed he drove "without regard to yourself, your passengers and other road users".

He said the aggravating features meant Lord Ahmed should be sentenced in the crown court.