Starting with snuff

Ever tried taking snuff? I know, you thought it died out in the 19th century. Well, it never went away. Snuff taking or Snuffing, is popular and is making a comeback, and the Weasel, being ever so ahead of trends and oh so cool, has been snuffing for a year now.

I stopped smoking 14 years ago, but the seductive qualities of tobacco never really got suppresed in my bio-memory. For those who want to give up smoking or for those who want an alternative, why not try snuff?

There are hundreds of different blends, but to begin with, you would be advised to try an easy one like Gawith Apricot or Lowen-prise. Snuffing is a technique that you have to learn. If you over do it, it can be a bit sneezy, to say the least.

Anyway, if you want to know more and try a few, go to

There is a whole new world of sensation awaiting you.

Here is an article:

BTW, regardless of what it claims in the above article, nobody has gotten cancer from inhaling snuff. Nobody, never.

Happy snuffing!

NOTE: If any snufftakers are reading this, and would like to take part in a documentary film on the subject, please contact me.

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