An uneccessary death

Not too jump to too many conclusions, but a huntsman has died in a bizarre accident involving a gyrocopter. The machine, with two men on board is believed to having been following the progress of the hunt from the air.

Regardless of the outcome of this tragedy, it is clear that the hunt sabateurs should be the ones who are monitored, as should all the miserable, stinky animal rights terrorists.

Some know that I keep chickens. Try telling me that foxes are anything other than a menace. Foxes kill some chickens, but leave by far the most, dying a painful death. Last time a fox attacked my hens I collected six bodies and had to finish two off. I do not see much pleasure in hunting myself, and have never done so, but the level of venom that the sabs have for the hunt, and country people in general is worthy of being legislated against as a hate crime.

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