Gordon Brown - Saviour of the World - again.

Oh lumpen shock. The latest initiative from the bunker: professionals who lose their jobs due to the credit crunch will be given help to go into teaching. As if the profession isn't full enough of people who shouldn't be in it already.

In an inspiring, never before heard piece of total tits, the press release says:

“We will put people first by placing power in the hands of those who use our public services. This will mean personalised services and greater choice — with personal budgets helping people choose the specific care they most need, education and training tailored to the needs of individuals, police services that respond to local priorities set in monthly neighbourhood beat meetings rather than national targets.”

Well, if you are going to lie, may as well make it a big one:

We will put people first by placing power in the hands of those who use our public services

I love the idea of monthly meetings with the plod. Can you imagine who might go to these publicly funded soirees?

Can you imagine, for one moment how all the power that local authorities now have over us being handed back to those who pay their inflated wages?

What complete and utter rotten slime from the bottom of the micro chip monitored stinking wheelie bin.


an ex-apprentice said...

Dear WW,

What I feel I "most need" at the moment is a Barrat .50 cal with 20x night-scope and a supply of those armour-piercing bullets.

Do you think my government provided "personal budget" will stretch this far?

Conan the Librarian™ said...



For all your fullbore needs.

I suggest Feinwerkbau.