A hiding to nothing

Poor old Max Mosley. He has been appearing before a Parliamentary Committee, though quite why his BDSM activities have come up, I do not know. Any way, he says:

"If someone takes away your dignity, you will never replace it.

"No matter how long I live or where in the world I am, people know about it" (referring to the lurid tabloid revelations about spanking and Sadomasochistic role-play)

Well, you know, he is a grown up. He has lots of toys, including a rather large Scalextric set, but it appears his other hobby has been one of a pervy sexual nature. I kind of sympathise with him. Play is a human trait. Play resolves all sorts of problems in life. Drama is play, done slightly better than we can do it. So is sport. So what if he likes being spanked and told he is a naughty boy? Not my scene, but it's hardly a flogging offence, is it?

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