What Barack gave Gordon

Over at Tom Harris' blog, there is a little competition on the list of movie DVDs Barack Obama gave Gordon Brown. As you can imagine, the list is safe and worthy, with nothing that might send the wrong message, such as "All the President's Men" or "Plan 9 from Outer Space"..or "Downfall"

Anyway, you can find the official list at Tom's, but I have my own here that I would offer the President. Please feel free to make suggestions.

  • "Good Night and Good Luck" dr. George Clooney
  • "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951) dr.Robert Wise
  • "Night of the Demon" (1957) dr.Jacques Tourneur
  • "Life is beautiful" dr.Roberto Benigni
  • "Il Postino" dr.Michael Radford"
  • "Withnail & I" dr.Bruce Robinson
  • "Mrs Miniver" dr.William Wyler
  • "Metropolis" dr.Fritz Lang
  • "Pocketful of miracles" dr.Frank Capra
There is no theme and no message. They are just movies, which in their way, press my buttons.

Has anybody else seen all of these?


JuanKerr.com said...


Well said on that post. Replied but I doubt she'll print it. These Labour lickpspittle selection parasites never like open confrontation of their sins.

Jim Baxter said...

Not sure about films to give Obama but the obvious ones missing from the package he gave Brown were 'Brief Encounter' and 'As Good as it Gets'.