We all knew didn't we?

Blogger dot com, the popular platform for many great blogs has today denied that its Word Verification system is not a computer algorithm, but a small team of moonlighting undergraduates from the University of Luton.

Smion Jozes, thought to be a disgruntled employee, posted this on his own blog:

"Blogger would like you to think it is ruinning a high tech opertion, but in teality it is run by a team of gitted amatees. The work load is very high, but we try and bring some wit to the pricodings. A lot of us find the pressure ouvrewelding."

Blogger has refused to comment on the work of the Word Verification Unit, but put out the following statement, after several failed attempts to post it:

WV is a complex alorithm that searches the content of a blog post for key words and philospical and cultural meaning, and then provides what we call a "nearly" word, which may even exist". Nobody from Luton is involved. It has become very popular since we changed the system; some bright sparks even include WV in their posts, deeming our "nearly words" to be very funny. Of course, we have a banned list so that words like or "wnaking" or "sntrogation" do not appear.

I knew it. But I still cannot post on several sites anymore because of it.

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JuanKerr.com said...

I can comfirm this!!


As can be witnessed in the pic on my blog here http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_NwTxhkXD_ss/SaPa4AckOOI/AAAAAAAAAFo/FlAXdlWJ6TE/s1600-h/rudegoogle.jpg
I was replying to a post on guido and can comfirm my word ver was indeed sperm! loved it so much i took a screen grab!