Bainimarama Republic

Fiji, paradise islands, lush vegetation, a langourous pace of life. Is that the image one conjures up on another of our former cartographical pink bits?

Well, Fiji, like so many places that paint Great Britain as the bad guy, has returned to savagery, albeit, not quite the Zimbabwe kind.

A recent history of military coups and cancelling of democratic elections will, according to the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, be a "passport to poverty".

The local Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, is busy holding off elections and altering the constitution of Fiji, in order to turn the small group of islands into his private domain. Even neighbouring Samoa has publicly called Mr Bananarama a thief and ridiculed the Commodore for his preposterous military garb.
"perhaps Bainimarama fears a combined canoe attack from Tuvalu and Kiribati"
observed Samoa's Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the Sydney Morning Herald reports on Bananarama's own brand of political correctness:

Fiji's troubled military leader Frank Bainimarama has warned his Pacific neighbours not to make "un-Pacific" comments about him as tension mounts around his country's democratic failure.

I just wonder when people will stop making Colonialism to be the root of all evil. Maybe, as the Romans learned, in the end, once you leave, everyone reverts back to their own brand of savagery.

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