A word from Guest Blogger - Georgina Hoy-Manners

Hellay chaps. Jolly nice to be allied to blog away on the Weasel's blog. Do you nay, I really do not like the idea of us having a nuclear deterrent. They are noisy and expensive and who are they gaying to point it at?

Nipped into the Cod for a Gin and It and do you nay there was that chap Derek Draper. He looked very sheepish and ordered a bacon sarnie and a glass of Staropramen. We all thought he was going to behave until he asked the barman for another "serviette" and asked where the "toilet" was and then it all turned nasty.

The Painy Club has been simply beastly this week. Little Araminta Kettle-Fraybisher screamed and screamed until I calmed her dine with some Calpol and some left over Charlie from last night, and Lysistrata Tollemache wet her self in the saddle...In. The . Saddle!!! "Get dine," I shited, lidely..but she took nay natice whatsoever.
I went hiking this week in the Cairngorms. A few pals lost the odd toe due to frostbite, but they soon had the old Le Creuset out and knocked up a hearty game soup (add a few fennel seeds at the end, it's delicious) and then the cry was onward and upward without crampons. We took it easy.. just did abite 45 miles altogether until my darling fiance, Freddy came and rescued us in his helicopter. Everyone had hypothermia by that time but I had them singing, "Ten Green Bottles" to keep spirits up. Well its off to muck ite the horses for me and later we are having a few friends arind for some high quality skunk and a few nibbles. Toodle pip!!

Yours ever, George

ps Weas is so BCBG


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Georgina, this looks suspiciously like your last post on my blog, with a few tweaks to make it look topical. What are you up to darling?

Georgina Hoy-Manners said...

Sorry Weas. I'm in Verbs and I thought you wouldn't notice. Will try to do better next time.

Must dash, I am trying to find a fancy dress itefit for tonight and the bloody shop is ite of anything remotely resembling BDSM tack.

Jim Baxter said...

Tidy bit of gear. Fancy a bit of rough, doll?

Georgina Hoy-Manners said...

Oh Jim, how sweet, but Freddie might not like it. My sis, Tori, is up on some grouse moor near you with a bunch of over-scented nouveaus from the City who are all wearing new barbours and squeaky clean Le Chameaus..if you fancy a peaty 18 year-old with a bourbon finish, she might be on, especially if you are wearing the traditional itefit.

Jim Baxter said...

Georgy Girl, nothing I like better than a peaty 18 year old. You should join us though. Come in your fancy dress, as Bill Clinton used to say.

We'll send Freddie off to look for an Irish Water Spaniel. He'll be happy enough for a while.