John Prescott talks sense

John Prescott on the viral Daniel Hannan Video:

I think this is a perfect example of the power shift away from the mainstream media to the internet. Instead of having to get past the editorial filter of journalists and editors, people are starting to set the news agenda and the hacks are having to catch up.

It seems Mr Prescott reads my blog and the comments I leave on Mr Dale's. Well done John for being honest enough and astute enough to see what's going down.

Link to Prescott's blog HERE


Lawson Narse said...

That's just John glad handing a better man than he'll ever be?
3 days too late at that.
Labour recognises the stupidity of trying to ignore the effect that Dan's 3 and a bit minutes of erudition has evoked. Draper tried spinning the idiocy of their inertia on C4 last night. He came across as the lost cause that Labour always is.

Dolly and John, the true face of dead socialism, underestimating the reality of public hatred.

Aye We Can ! said...

I've heard and read Prescott, and for a guy of his age and previous high office I admire him for getting up to speed with the web and I think getting it as well as anyone from his backgound reasonably could be expected to. And all unpaid - for "the cause", not Tony or Cherrie's bank balance

Daniel Hannan - now 1.4 million YouTube views and rising. Quite remarkable. I think, in UK political terms anyway, unprecedented.

Better than Beyonce! (well no quite!!!)