The Prime Minister loves to appear as if he is in control. The Flu issue is a case in point. Precise and complex plans are in place, and have been for some time, to deal with a flu pandemic. None of what he said adds to this. The NHS is highly in control of contingency planning and this sort of medical issue does not take them by surprise. Dr Weasel's inbox went ballistic within minutes of the news, and everyone in the loop has had meetings, conferences and planning meetings. It's very impressive, actually, but I cannot reveal more...!

Clegg: "The Prime Minister's answers on the Gurkha are deeply evasive". Of course they are deeply evasive. It's what is does and what he is.

The Gurkha issue is a shame on our nation. We should grant all who serve our country right of abode and citizenship.

Clegg: a "Government that has no principles and no courage"

Clegg nailed a grade A shit to the Wanker Wall.


Jim Baxter said...


I agree. A disgraceful episode from a disgraceful government led by a disgrace to the office of Prime Minister.

Spartan said...

Couldn't continue watching that prat of a PM on PMQ's with all them nodding, smirking, deceitful obnoxious twats on the front bench ... my Sony flatscreen on the wall was in imminent danger of getting something thrown at it!