Why I am joining the Taliban

Yes, I am going off to join the Taliban. For a start, they have made it safe to travel in Afghanistan, well, at least until we started jerking them about. They have curbed the fairly traded opium business. You get education, roads, respect for men, etc, etc.
The Taliban has a stated agenda and they are sticking to it. No running around at the last minute, calling in favours - they have a simple solution in dealing with detractors. No making promises they never keep. How do you solve a problem like Sharia?
Embrace it with open arms, that's what. Democracy has been so oversold, John Lewis wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

So I have decided to re-locate to Kabul. I shall just have to put up with the nutters and fanatics, but not for long. Sooner or later, the Yanks will piss off and leave them alone.


an ex-apprentice said...

Dear WW,

You might have to put up with some resistance and discrimination from the locals against your presence.

But then, you're used to that, aren't you?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Lol! You Bugger!

strapworld said...

It is the scraping ones backside on the floor- in place of toilet paper- that put me off.

Although, to be fair, my golden retriever has a lovely smile on his face whilst he is doing it!

That is why the Taliban squat all the time, Sore arses!!!

Their supermarkets may not be up to the standard mrs ww is used to - but there again she will have to pleasure you every time you needed pleasuring! Poor woman.

Spartan said...

No need to go to Kabul ... we'll just do it here. All we need is loyal citizens and we may be bolstered by Gurkhas! Can't see the CP3O's (aka PCSO's) or Polizei being much of a threat. Looking at ARRSE, the military would also be with us.


Think today was a good day but still can't get my head round that although the whole country was for thr Gurkhas ... a mere 246 prats tried to ignore it like they've ignored their constituents.

Prime example was Tom Harris MP ... l lost respect for him today.


Just thought, if we get the Gurkhas with us ... surely we get Joanna Lumley too! Food for more thought ... need to lie down now. ;-)