Long Time Gone

On Saturday, 11th July Mrs Weasel and I will be at Edinburgh Castle to see Crosby, Stills and Nash. Anybody interested in the band, or if you want to meet up for a drink in Grassmarket before the gig, it would be great to meet some of my fellow bloggers.

The cliche "soundtrack to a generation" comes to mind, but it's true. They were one of those bands who leapt out of the Dansette at you; the music was fresh, happy and summery and despite the cynics, they were and still are a dissenting voice, telling us to "speak out against the madness". Their harmonies were equalled only by Simon and Garfunkel I think.

So if you are around, it would be nice to see you. It's been a long time comin'.


Aye We Can ! said...

Count me in for the pre concert drink - as long as you buy the first round -and i dont have to dress up as a hippy.

I was always more of an Eagles man - but Crosby Still ans Nash
had some great songs

Is it ok if I ask Gordon Brown alonG? I reckon he'll be at a loose end by 11 July - and he's' such good company

Wrinkled Weasel said...

did you mean, "Noose end"?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It will be great to see you. Details nearer the time.

Anonymous said...
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Jim Baxter said...

Ah, Grassmarket... time was not a weekday went by but I was there. I went to school nearby in the days when it was pretty much a slum, a haven for down and outs. Grassmarket, I mean, not the school, although...

Then I left school and turned 18 and after that, not a day went by... ah, the Traverse Theatre Bar which was there then, where my 19 year old eyes met the beautiful eyes of a famous singer. As she looked, not unkindly, into the abyss, so the abyss looked back into her. Julie Covington.

Anyway. Is there a Booze Boutique there which you favour, may I ask?

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Rush at 21.12 seems suitable;-)

strapworld said...

He should never have left the Hollies!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

The Hollies always seemed to be heading for "Seaside Spectacular" and the Club circuit, but never quite managed it when Graham Nash was on board.

According to Marianne Faithfull's autobiography - she went on tour with them - she shagged the lead singer but talked to Nash. Apparently Nash was always reading on the tour bus.

Nash left The Hollies because they wanted to do an album of Dylan covers and not his material, which included Marrakech Express.

As far as I know, the song went to the top of the charts in the UK and the USA.

In Crosby's first biography, Nash was totally in awe of The Byrds, describing them as "Galactic Overlords" Funny that, since what they were famous for was Dylan Covers.

strapworld said...

WW. You know I am old and grey (white actually) but years ago, in another life, I was often on the TVAM early hour on news, when something to do with policing came up.

I bore my family rotten with stories of who I met there, all true, but one day I was sitting in the green room having a cup of tea when Alan Clarke the lead singer of the Hollies walks in. As slim as ever with a velvet hat on looking quite the star! He smiled at me and nodded.

I said Mr Clarke you and the Hollies were great favourtites of mine in my youth!! Wrong wrong wrong.

He looked at me, an old man in a suit, overweight, but taller than him! and I think he wanted to go home. He was not a happy man!!

Sad, really