Why the BNP are important

I find it difficult to be in the same room as BNP politicians without feeling like having a shower (Iain Dale)

Social and political change is always littered with invective and career-changing positioning, whether it is the casual remark that "I need a shower after being in the same room" or a resignation, such as that of Anthony Eden from the Chamberlain Government. Both are part of the process, but only the brave, the clever, the morally strong can withstand the lemming like quality of going with the flow.

We look at being Gay, for example, from the perspective of putative acceptance and equality. We look at votes for women as natural, and a given. A hundred years ago, the majority took the opposite view. Women had no vote and homosexuals were sent to prison - all, and this is important, with the tacit consent of the majority.

Opinion can turn 90 degrees and become, subsequently, the status quo.

The problem with the issues surrounding the BNP is that at the core of their arguments, they have a point. The point is the destruction of our national identity in favour of those who have no interest in perpetuating it, and further, want to destroy it.

It is exactly as if the Saltire was banned in Scotland to avoid upsetting the English.

Currently the main parties are falling over themselves to provide halal meat in schools, and language services, and advisors and grants to foreigners. 80 percent of our laws are outsourced to Brussels. It cannot go on. In sheer practical and economic terms it cannot go on. You cannot point to one country, where these immigrants come from, who would reciprocate in favour of British people, in their country of origin. Not one. And that is because the whole concept of multiculturalism is absurd. At its heart is cynicism about the indigenous population and colonial guilt.

The language used against the BNP is not novel. The shower remark could have been made of Oscar Wilde. If you trouble to read the transcripts of the summing up at his trial, you could only conclude that he was an utter monster. Ditto the women who dared to demand the right to vote.

I am not saying that the BNP is the answer, but no one else is daring to ask the question.


Tory Poppins said...

Bravo Weasel! A most excellent post with which I entirely concur.
I keep banging on 'ad infinitum' about 'The point is the destruction of our national identity in favour of those who have no interest in perpetuating it, and further, want to destroy it."
I've made two posts that allude to this topic, one about Berlusconi and the other about Geert Wildesr (that one's a bit long!)
But both in the nature of your post. It's very real issue and you're right: unfortunately the BNP are the only one's asking the questions over here!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you TP I have read some of your post on Wilders. What I have read I tend to agree with. For some reason I cannot leave comments on your blog. Either I am a fool and do not know how or there is no comment facility.

On the Wilders material. It can lead one to no other conclusion than that there will at some point be another world war. I do not think he is scaremongering though. I can see the history of appeasement repeating itself, and by the time something is done, it is going to be bloody and catastrophic.

Aye We Can ! said...

I agree that abuse, witty or otherwise, is not going to see off the BNP. But they are a threat to what I believe makes us British ( or Scottish), namely our tolerance of others with different views different cultures and different pigmentation of the skin. The BNP -unpleasant people.

I dont at all agree with you on multiculturalism - I think objectvely the inward migration of peoples of different cultures over the past 50 years that has provided one of the essential and positve dynamics in British Society. And look where the vast vast majority of "scroungers" are - in white council estates or white financial services boardrooms - or at near lily white Westminster.

And electorsl choices? Not ones I woud make, but youve the Tory Party, UKIP, for starters, and on Euro scepticism add on the Greens

The BNP not the answer? The BNP is anti solution party - and a lot worse still.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Aye We Can. I hope you continue to visit and comment because you give a very coherent, very lefty view of things! Articulate, even!

As with all my posts, they tend towards being provocative, but I believe in the core of what I write, 100%

St Georges Day marches have been banned in the Midlands to appease Muzzies.

What do you think to the idea of banning the Saltire in Scotland in order to stop me being offended by ardent nationalism?

(just joking of course, but see the point?)

piano tuner said...

I've always found it frustrating that muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh etc would fight to the death to protect their culture and way of life from outsiders yet when they move to the West they see no problem trying to change our culture ( halal takeaways, sharia courts, muslim councils, veils in schools, seperate swimming lessons, polygamy, building 1400 mosques, banning eating during Ramadam in councils, banning Christmas cards in favour of festive cards, demanding respect of Eid holidays etc... )
Then they can go home on holiday to Pakistan etc to enjoy their culture.

Spartan said...

l take a WW2 veteran to his club every Sunday and sometimes have a chat with his fellow veterans when l return to pick him up.

From what they say, they are all voting BNP. They feel that they are the only party who speaks for them.

They see the country they fought for disappearing and are very angry about it.

June 4th will be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with you. I'm of African parentage. I've read the BNP website and there are lots of things on that site that I wish were said by other parties. The one thing that lets BNP down is their tendency to make stupid comments like 'black British don't exist' and to suggest white people shouldn't marry people from other races. After the 7th of July 2005, they were the only party articulating what many of us felt. There is no genuine conservative party in this country. The elite appear to hate Britain. It really puzzles me. I went to school in Nigeria and I know more about Chaucer and Shakespeare and Cromwell than many of my peers educated in England. My parents weren't rich - I went to what you'd call a bog standard comprehensive in this country. In the end the BNP doesn't pose such an electoral threat as they don't seem very intelligent. And people in this country would rather not be poor, as they have no economic answers that seem viable. So many threaten to vote for them but on the day, don't.
We can only pray UKIP becomes a proper professional party and that a new party emerges on the left. It's the only way to prevent us sliding into terminal decline culturally. I'm English and would rather not fill out 'ethnic monitoring' questionnaires. I live in a Christian country. I want this acknowledged by ALL politicians. I live in England. I want to see England's heritage celebrated openly everyday. I know lots of non Christian Asians. They're all as keen on England and English culture as I am. But the politicians would rather speak to 'community leaders' from Muslim Council of Britain and other such nutters.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Well, AP 1984. First be assured I will not be voting BNP, but people will, and it will set the agenda for change.

We need to be inclusive, but not at the cost of our national identity, which is what the main parties are throwing away right now.

Aye We Can ! said...

Wrinkled one, Glad you think I am a "lefty" - many bloggers up here think I am a "class traitor" and at time a "Unioinsit 5th columnist", because I dont think Alex Salmnnd walks on water and dont see why he needs to claim £800for food during a Westminster recess

Race issues are difficult to discuss in most contexts, and from experience are even more problematic to discuss on the net, where people generally put their points more forcefully and others hide behind anonymity and say things they would not dare say in the real world

Howeever if i could live a little dangerously, one thing i can say with confidence is that in Scotland the BNP are an irrelevance, or certainly an electoral one. Ive asked myself why, as i think there is little evidence to suggest that Scots are any more racially tollerant than the English - indeed more intollerant if you include the English on the list of ethnic groups some of us we "hate"

The BNP is not an electoral threat i think because the SNP provides what I'd call a positive outlet for "the politics of identity". Now the SNP is not remotely like the BNP, indeed the SNP is multi cultural (first non white MSP, a muslaim elected on SNP ticket) and ecummenical - lefty, or a wee bit anyway.

And striking about an SNP conference, as oppossed to the other three, is the number of ethnic people there, including english folks - and young ones, soem sharpe as a tack you Scots- Asians, who are as articulate as Ally McCoist and sound like him.

But the SNP also offers an identity outlet for white scottish working class folks, who I think, if they lived in England would at least be attracted to the BNP, if not necessarily actually vote for it.

But to be absolutely clear - the SNP is not Scotland's BNP. What it has postively done is show that, given good leadership it is possible to develop a civic nationalism that can attract both indigenopus scots and "new scots" -indeed even non scots, folks with foreing passport who can see the sense in Scottish Indepenedence, Like half the population of the USA and near the entire population of Eire.

Here, though I dont know enough, I think the fresh approach of UKIP under Nigel Farage is more analagous, but obviuusly still different

Finally, and to answer your flag waving question - ban the Saltire? It would be a brave man to try these days. Yet I aint that old and can remember back to the 70s and early 80ss where it was de facto a proscribed flag in many official national and local govermental builkdings., Indeed I distinctly recall being told by otherwise resaonable enough Labour cooncil types in my home town Paisley that it was akin to flying the Swastika! ( "I fought a war agaisnst flag wavers like that son")

So you fly that flag of St George's as high and as often as you want - you'll be needing it for official purposes sooner than you think. But seriously, the ethnic communities in Scotland love the saltire - i've even seen it brought to asylum rights demos, carried wit prifde by Somalis, Iraquis. Estonians. Indeed, the biggest public event on St Andrews day in Scotland is an anti racism martch and rally, one with turbaned bag pipers, plus Palestian and Tibetan flags flying side by side, but always the Saltire to the fore.

I know all about the PC brigade - weve got them holding us back up here too. But maybe the fundamental problem you have with isoliated incidents where flying the flag of St George is "banned" is that you ethic English aint yet worked out what it stands for. The Saltire has always stood for freedom - and that translates across cultures and colours.

Wrinkled Weasel said...


I agree with you entirely that we do not need to vote BNP up here because we have the SNP

NOT because they are the same or anything like it, but that they are a genuine alternative to what is down south. It is a very big reason I feel comfortable up here as an English person, and a nationalist.

The SNP have offered new thinking on so many policies, and are the only major party that was against the war in Iraq.If anything convinced me, that did. They supported the fishing industry when the cost of marine diesel doubled, which is the second big decider for me, since I come from generations of fishing people.

I too do not believe Alex Salmond walks on water, but they have had my vote for as long as I have been up here. My prediction for Scotland is that, since it is already ahead of England on so many issues, it will pull away altogether in the next 50 or 60 years.

I just hope that when they close the borders and start issuing passports, I will get one!

Aye We Can ! said...

I'll second your application

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aye We Can that BNP will be an irrelevance in Scotland. That's because Scots have assimilated all arrivals, unlike England. In Scotland, a person born to African parents is encouraged to feel Scottish, but in England, the Establishment call them ethnic minorities, Black British or BME (black ethnic minority), never English. the BNP would only truly go away when English people stop being embarrassed about their ancestry and proudly assert themselves, as well as their Christian identity.
And WW, I never mistook you for a potential BNP voter, and it's great you haven't just dismissed them but analysed why the tantalise English voters.

strapworld said...

Good post WW.

I agree that the BNP will have some success. But much against the odds.

The Electoral Commission makes it nigh on impossible for a new party to make headway. IF you have no representation in Parliament, the EU or Council you will get NO TV/Radio political broadcasts. You are limited to the same degree on expenditure as all parties. Must register withe the commission and be approved by them etc. etc.

So, say a groundswell of opinion wanted a CLEAR THE STABLES PARTY to rid Parliament of all this rotten crowd. You would have to have powerful backers ie billionaires, to get your message across, and thus the new whiter than white party is compromised to the money men!

When the Review on funding of political parties was undertaken. I submitted my views which said that ALL parties should be treated similarly. When a general election is called each party should be allocated monies based on the number of candidates they field. Including the BNP and the Communist Party and the Raving Loony Party. You cannot pick and choose!

I do hope that the BNP do spectacularly well. I am no lover of Farage, knowing him well, and Ukip.

There are far too many parties and organisation with a right wing agenda. I suggested that they should all get into a room and not come out until there is one party for the lot of them, THEN they would have some real success. But EGO's come first it appears.

Dave said...

I've long argued that voting should be compulsory (as it is in some countries) but that there should be a box marked "None of the above" on every ballot paper.
If the "none of the above" option came first then the election is declared void and all the candidates lose their deposits and a new election called.

It's probably a rubbish idea shot full of holes but probably better than what we have at the moment, where a government can be elected by a minority and then spend its time (and our money) rubber stamping laws drawn up by unelected faceless beurocrats.
As for me, I'm voting UKIP.

I worry about the BNP's failure to understand our heritage and racial make-up. When slavery was abolished in the 19th century there were hundreds of thousands of black people in this country. By the end of the 19th century there were none. Why?
They intermarried and were absorbed into the gene-pool. My great great grandmother on my father's side was a Prussian governess. I'm British through and through. (I can't say English because I'm Cornish and that's another story)

Dave said...

what sort of a word is that?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Dunno Dave, but it sounds cool.

I shall almost certainly vote UKIP.