Caroline Flint

A good friend and Fleet Street journalist went to a private view of an exhibition of photographs of leading politicians. As she stood in front of the picture of Caroline Flint, she remarked, to a colleague, (not that quietly) "You can see her moustache" My friend turned around to be confronted with none other than the lady herself.

Flint has always struck me, as a piece of work. Nothing I can put my finger on, but I get "bitch" every time she speaks or appears.

I now hear that she has deserted the girlie cabal of Hazel the Chipmunk and others to further her ambition. It has been reported that she has cut adrift from the pack and is now giving very pro-Gordon Brown soundbites, in the hope of getting a high profile job in the impending Cabinet Reshuffle. If this is true, she has really shot herself in the foot. Her maximum tenure in any job is going to be 12 months. Thereafter, she will be forever tainted with the Brown era and her political career, such as it is, will be over.

Desperation and Ambition. Isn't she lovely. Let's hope she has laid in a good supply of bleach. Or wax.


Pictures Added, inspired by Tory Totty. Come on, Tots, send us a pic and I will blog it! Strapworld. mm.


Flint throws a right strop. Did not get the job she wanted and now is full of piss and vinegar: "Brown treated me as female window dressing". Well Caroline honey, I never saw Jack Straw posing on a couch in fuck-me shoes, and you took your time to say that.

Anyway, sweetie, don't worry your pretty little head. You have a great future on I'm a has been, get me out of here.

PS: Men, wanking to the above picture will result in a perma ban from WWW.


strapworld said...

MEOWW!! What a Bitchy blog.

Hell hath no fury than a Wrinkled Weasel!

I reckon there is previous here, I reckon the great hairy monster turned you down in the past.

Actually whenever I see her and that gap in her two front teeth and he awful hair. I think of cheap hair dye (I, as it happens, am quite an authority on the good bad and indifferent hair dyes on offer!- as I have dyed my wife's hair for years- I once wanted to be a hairdresser-he lied- I just find it quite calming!)

But Flint's hair is badly dyed. She does have a moustache! I reckon there is something Greek about her past?

Tory Poppins said...

Bravo Weasel! Well said! She clearly thinks she's Totty material, and, take it from me, she's nowhere near, with her thick dies black hair and her tash! Absolutely gross!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I felt I needed to lighten the proceedings a bit.

And whilst I don't dye my wife's hair, I have straightened it for her when required. I agree, it's very calming.

TT have updated post to allow further bitchy comment.

Aye We Can ! said...

I knew her as a student activist

a snake even then

But one notch futher up ha greesy pole today

Achievments in public life to date? - fuck all

Anonymous said...

You may be onto something with your intuition about her:

Dave said...

They're adding extra porn channels on Sky.
Option one will get you chipmunk, option 2 old flintface.

Come to think of it, even jackboot jacqui's hubby wouldn't tune into that

Jim Baxter said...

Porn? Try this:

Wrinkled Weasel said...

A great picture, Jim. Is that a cameltoe?

Jim Baxter said...

Either that or she's squashed a doughnut down her front. If anybody wants to add jam that's up to them. Perhaps she thinks that she was advertising her party's current position in parliament i.e. labia majoris.

King Athelstan said...

Never liked the woman, always so gormless on Question Time and always such a sour and ugly demeanour.