Dim Prawnarolo

Dawn Primarolo has been watching the Labour Meltdown in Bristol, a place I was unfortunate enough to live in once; it's a hotbed of political correctness and the great unwashed. Plus, Bristolians are possibly the nastiest people on the planet and would not piss on a puppy if it was on fire, but get out their mobile phones to video it.

She gets the "nah nah nah, I'm not listening" quote of the day:

“But from speaking to people on the doorstep, as I have, it’s quite clear that people are saying we’ve got a Prime Minister who’s got strength, determination and intelligence and Gordon Brown will lead us out of this recession.”

This vacuous muscle of a woman cannot engage her brain, and there is talk of promoting her. Desperate times indeed. John Reid must have been very drunk indeed.


Aye We Can ! said...

Hey. i'm moving to Bristol following your warm commendation.

Can i also endorse Dawn the Dim. On visiting Carstairs mental insitution last night I too was ovewhelmed by the warm words of praise for our great leader

It appears dim Dawn has been knowing the samne doors as Lord Mandelsom,wee dougie, Jim Murphy and Seam Woodward

"you are just brilliant Gordon we love you" is the overwhelming view of the masses "We just love that 150bn annual defict and that 3 million unemployed and rising, home reossessions and that z list credit rating. Quite brilliant. And can you please start another pointless war?"

"And what a likeable charasmatic man too"

Borderpoint said...

John Reid propositioned her? David Blunkett, too?