The Knife Man cometh

Woke up this mornin' Knife man at my door,
Used to think the real world not like this anymore.
Have you got a knife? The knife man say
I'm a thinkin' like I don't wanna die today.

So I say yes, I got a knife, so what's the deal?

A Roe deer's been hit on the road he says
And have you got a steel?

So he gets the knife and I'm still alive
I got the blues but I'm tryin to survive.

Country living is a daily round of seeing life and death. Somebody cared enough to make sure a horribly injured creature was dispatched humanely. Most fuckers can't bear to think that chicken nuggets come from chicken.


Lawson Narse said...

Are you sure that chickens have nuggets?

roadkill said...

My nephew lives on chicken nuggets. I'm sure there's no chicken in them. Chewy white stuff but not chicken. I hope you have a freezer full of venison ! I remember that Hugh Fartenstally bloke made a programme about living on roadkill. It never really encouraged me to try it but if the depression arrives then I might look at it again.