private mail

From time to time, I get emails from reader of my blog, and also from those who see my comments elsewhere. Mostly they are fairly pleasant, and for the record, I enjoy corresponding with anyone who bothers to do this.

But occasionally I get the kind of mail that is critical. The usual trigger is my stance on Foxes. Regular readers will know that I keep chickens. A recent critic thought I was stupid to allow them to free-range, which I always thought was a rather decent way of life for them. Foxes are a menace and frankly, I do not have time for those who get hysterical about fox hunting. These emails are usually badly written and tend to say more about anti-hunt people than I ever could.

Here is one I got today:

(I have no wish to expose this person, so their name has been removed)

Hey Wrinkled Weasel, So you keep chickens eh! Well my sister and her partner keep chickens, ducks and geese [all pets] and have never lost any to a fox - just one [a bantam] to a Pine Martin.
Do you eat your own birds Mr Weasel? If so, then you're an out and out hypocrite, like all those other ignorant idiots on the blog.
Plus if you knew anything about foxes, you'd know they weren't remotely vermin. They only come on heat for three days a year, plus only one vixen in an entire family will be allowed to mate with the dog fox.
Anyway, I don't why I'm writing to you, people like you are too thick to know any better, which is why I pity the poor animals.
Kind Regards,

Well, the pro-hunting lobby (which by the way, I have no links to whatsoever) do not send poisoned mail, send criminal pornography to employees, injure infants, de-capitate people with gyrocopter blades or exhume grannies, or do much more than go about their lawful pursuits.

When it comes to the moral high ground, and dare I say intelligence, I think those who hunt and kill foxes have the upper hand, and until the animal rights stinkies campaign on the issues, rather than by terrorism, they always will.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Animal rights activists should have their giros stopped. That'll sort them.

Richard said...

If the animal rights people have ever eaten a supermarket egg, or a commecially-produced cake or biscuit (most of which contain battery eggs), or enjoyed one of those remarkably cheap supermarket Chicken Tikkas, then they are guilty of the most sickening hypocrisy, and have colluded in some of the cruellest practices towards animals that it is possible to have. By comparison, offing a fox that has killed some happy chickens is a service to nature. Utter, utter stupid hypocrites. The only 'activist' I will listen to on the subject of animal rights is the 100% vegan, who at least has the courage of his/her convictions. Those who head for the burger van after a demo are contemptible. Mind you, your correspondent does not sound to have had the benefit of too much education, so perhaps consistency is too much to ask.

Mrs R said...

They're lucky not to have woken to find a run containing a dozen headless bantams, and lucky never to needed to grow all their own food. Aren't supermarkets wonderful!

Maybe they live somewhere where all foxes are friendly, cute and cuddly, and well-behaved - unlike our local flea-ridden, night-hunting, mange-carriers that have been known to attack babies in prams, burrow into guinea pig runs, tear open dustbins, eat through shed floors and scare the living daylights out of an aviary full of pet birds! - Lucky people!

Some people also live and let live, and don't poke their noses into others' private lives or burn down houses of those they disagree with.

Ayrdale said...

I agree, but the animal rights hierarchy couldn't really care less about animals of course. Their purpose is to pin-prick capitalism and have a bit of kindergarten anarchy along the way. Same for the green movement.

Hypocrites and liars the lot of them aided and abetted by useful fools and a compliant and toadying media.