Brown really is toast now

With the departure of rather a lot of Gordon Brown's Government, the latest being the Chipmunk, Hazel Blears, timed to do maximum damage - two hours before PMQs, I am making the prediction that Gordon Brown, the unelected, madman, will be gone by Monday at the latest.

He may want to "get on with the job of running the country" but by Friday, he may not have any mates left willing to do it, and I don't think we are quite at the stage where Britain is prepared to be ruled by a single dictator.

Today's Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, is going to be a stonker.


wottaballsup! said...

Interestng that it's all the women who are putting the knife in.
Hopefully Ed Balls will be the next PM. Some great headlines in The Sun newspaper. WottaBallsup !! etc
Mind you I can't see another unelected leader being accepted by the sheeple. Even if he says he has 'A Vision 'etc

Ruth@VS said...

Hope you're right!

strapworld said...

As we do not elect a Prime Minister he or she can do whatever they wish.

I subscribe to the view that we should have an elected Prime Minister- along the American lines, where individuals would have to convince the country to vote for them and their policies.

The elected prime minister can then call his cabinet together who will not sit in either houses of parliament (both elected by the way) and cabinet ministers would have to be approved by each Committee of the House of Commons- or an approval committee consisting of the chairmen of each committee of both houses.

This will allow the Prime Minister to bring in people from all walks of life and not necessarily politicians -as the americans do!

No more PMQ's but their policies would have to be and would be tested in both Houses of Parliament.

An Englishman's idea which was taken to the USA!!

Aye We Can ! said...

never underestimate the useless creep's powers of self presevation.

but i think you might be right

Borderpoint said...

So far, so good ...