Tomorrow I shall be voting UKIP

This will be an election to vote for an MEP. My stance on Europe is that we should be out of it. The EU is wasteful, corrupt and does not serve our interests, it serves its own.

But the main reasons I shall vote UKIP are twofold: firstly, we were denied a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - having been lied to in the Labour Manifesto, and secondly, I wish to send a message to the main parties that I am very angry indeed that you have all had your snouts in the trough, and in particular, that we are led in this country by a man who should never have gained the office of Prime Minister.

If the result of the Euro Election helps to get rid of Brown, it will be the icing on the cake.

That's me.

I am not asking you to do likewise, but please, get off your arses and go out tomorrow and vote.


Anonymous said...

We're voting this evening after work. UKIP. Watch out for folded ballot papers. I've heard complaints.

Dave said...

I voted UKIP too.
What worrries me is that these papers won't be counted until Sunday.

Plenty of time for Mugabe style vote adjusting then.