Avon and Somerset Police prepare for Sharia Law

Bonkers Avon and Somerset Police, the racist force who dumped hundreds of applications from white males in the bin because they were white, have now issued hijabs (headscarves) to female police officers. The Force is of course in the grip of PC (That's Political Correctness - not Police Constable) madness. It's a force that will do anything to appease Muslims but who are not so accommodating towards majorities, who, after all, pay the greater part of their wages. Communities get the kind of policing they want and deserve. Bristol is the epicentre of PC in Britain, where such nonsense as -consulting gays about cutting back foliage on The Downs in case it reveals gay cruisers- so it does not surprise me.

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Fausty said...

If straight couples used the outdoor area for sex, would they be afforded the same rights? Or would they be arrested for indecent behaviour in a public place?

The creeping Islamification is only made possible by sheep and bleeding heart lefties who don't seem to be able to consider the knock-on effects of their actions.

Heaven help us.