I have moved.

I have finally managed to get on top of my house move. Mercifully, this was the least stressful move in history. Very unlike the last time when I hired cowboys to move my stuff and my car broke down as I prepared to drive up to Scotland from Bristol. Moving is horrible. It reminds one of how much shite one surrounds oneself with. I mean.. did I really need yet another tea set/electric gadget/jumper/piece of furniture that never really fits anywhere?

We moved into a delightful little cottage, complete with wood stove that runs, well, everything really. Apparently the previous occupants could not get it to stay alight. This is because people, men in particular, have lost the ability to do the most fundamental bit of elemental magic...make fire. It is a piece of piss keeping a wood stove alight, but apparently this practice frightens and amazes the under-thirties. Much like my son, who joined us on holiday, and was completely confused by blankets and sheets, having never used anything but a duvet.

And we wonder why there are "dangerous cliff" signs on dangerous cliffs.


Henry North London said...

A nothing like a good fire, I would be hooked on keeping it going..

Sheets and blankets have their uses, Very good in hot weather, but crap when its really cold

People arent taught commonsense and they dont read as much as they did.

I learnt most of my common sense by reading lots of books when I was but a slip of a lad I went through tons of books by the time I was 13.

I had read lord of the rings by that time, and the hobbit along with some heinlein and asimov.

I had this vain idea of managing to create the first particle ion drive for warp travel when I was 13.

Speaking on clutter, I am employing a cleaner and then I am sorting through the junk and freecycling anything I dont want or can't use.

The rest is going in the shed .

Havent had a cleaner for 27 months I am so looking forward to this

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Sheets and blankets! The memories.

Nothing like new freshly laundered crisp sheets. It seemed almost wrong to get into bed.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Well thank you again for dropping by and hanging in there.

Freecycling is an excellent idea Henry. Mrs Weasel and I have used it now for about three years. It is generally a very rewarding experience all round, which is a nice thing in this wicked world.

Freshly laundered crisp sheets Rab: if I was terribly rich, a luxury would be to have them every day.

Montague Burton said...

We had an 18 year old girlie stay over as a guest for my eldest sons birthday last week. She had never operated that most basic of kitchen implements, the can opener, after five dangerous attempts she gave up on opening a tin of plum tomatoes.