immigration policies have turned the UK into a shithole

Today, Mustaf Jama has been jailed for at least 35 years for the murder of a police officer, Police Constable Sharon Beshenivsky, who was shot dead during a bungled robbery. Jama is a Somali.

Jama was 12 when he was brought to Britain with his mother and two siblings by a Kenyan people-trafficker in 1993. By 2005 he had 21 criminal convictions, including three robberies.

This is what happens when immigration from all the shitholes in the world is allowed unfettered access to the United Kingdom. We already have our own domestice crime, but in the rest of the world, life is cheap. We have already seen this demonstrated by the black on black crime that emanates from the West Indian population, especially the youth. I have personal experience of living in Brixton and Bristol, two areas with high non-white immigrant populations. They have created virtual no-go areas where crime is allowed to grow like a virus.

Since Labour gained power, this has grown exponentially. In Bristol alone, there is a Somali population of over 30, 000, the majority of whom are failed asylum seekers. I am not making this figure or the facts up - it was admitted by a Labour Minister!

It is a simple cultural fact that life in Africa and the West Indies is cheap. Gun and knife crime is endemic in many countries, and now it has been imported, with the blessing of our politicians, to this country.

You have a vote. May I suggest that you use that vote to elect a party who will do something about this travesty of our national security and pride?


Fausty said...

Well said. Labour has successfully branded those who oppose further immigration as 'racists'. No doubt, helped by the millions of immigrants in the country, who now vote Labour.

I'd like Brown and his goverment of shites tried for treason. He has wreaked havoc on this country.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Treason would be about right.