Normal Service, one day

This blog will remain semi-inactive for the next few weeks, due to our moving house and there not being a landline in the new property. I am accordingly at the mercy of BT.

I have not mentioned the death of Michael Jackson. But there again, why would I?

Went to see Crosby, Stills and Nash at Edinburgh Castle. It was a bloody cold gig, and the act was more suited to a medium sized indoor venue, rather than the Tattoo rig. They were good, and they looked like and sounded like a band that had played together for forty years. I am not sure I have much more to say on that, except that Crosby and Stills had about five layers of clothing on and from where I was, all you could see was these podgy round faces peering out from woolly hats and scarves. They appeared to have difficulty playing their guitars and some of the singing was a bit raggy. I did it stone cold sober, and really should have taken a flask of whisky to keep warm. I like CSN but broadly speaking, my musical tastes are a lot harder.

I shall wait until The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (without Alex) tours again before I do another big live gig. (That is, unless my own small foray into the world of music takes off)

Has the tide turned against the BBC? Ben Bradshaw isn't exactly cosying up to them. Personally, I think it is only a matter of time before the scandal of the licence fee collapses under the weight of public disobedience.

Au Revoir


Jim Baxter said...

I'd say the BBC are finished. I have intruded on the readings of the harmless eleswhere on the internet with my views on the filth we have governing us now - the filth who regard the public pusre as theirs to disburse as they please, theirs to bribe with, corrupt with, buy votes with, measure the latest distension in their sphincters with, except when it comes to protecting our soldiers.

So, I will say no more, except that it's over.

Oops, said something anyway, didn't I?

North Northwester said...

Good luck with your move, but do be aware that moving house is the fourth most common stressful life experience after bereavement, divorce, and discovering that size does indeed really matter.

Dave said...

I saw CSN on the Beeb's Glastofest coverage.
Steven Stills looked and sounded every bit the terminally ill man that he is reported to be.

Have you got the BT connection sorted yet?