Lockerbie - Selling Justice by the £

I have been pleased to read the comments on the last post about the release of the Lockerbie bomber. It now transpires that several Labour ministers paid visits to Libya in the months leading up to the release and together with the comments on this blog and others, I am unable to take this as a coincidence.

Deals were done. At the bottom of this is money. Just as money was at the bottom of the war in Iraq. What a stinking rotten government we have that is prepared to play with the lives of innocent people, for trade deals with a lunatic.


Maturecheese said...

Isn't our Government just dancing to the tune of Rothchilds as is the rest of the West to a lesser or greater extent. It seems to me that in the UK, its only the BNP that wont get involved in the NWO and they could well find themselves legislated out of business soon.

In response to the question posed in your blog, yes it does stink even if there is a question of Mr Megrahi's Guilt.

Anonymous said...

The BNP are probably full of spies so there will be no chance of them ever establishing any kind of coherent alternative. Note the denial of service attacks that they regularly experience. Usually during by elections and times of stress in government.
If someone told me that Nick Griffin was a plant of the UK intelligence services I wouldn't be surprised.

strapworld said...

Tariq Ali was a plant!