Anne Robinson launches anti-ageing cream

Unfortunately, too late to save her. The Cream, called, "The Leakiest Wink" is on sale in the UK from Friday. Ms Robinson,91, was unavailable for comment.

Of course, I am having a little joke. This is not Anne Robinson, but a look-alike called Sonia Rykiel.

This is the real Anne Robinson. Isn't she a stunner? The lips don't lie!

A carp with big blobby lips


banned said...

Ms Robinson should stay home or at least use a brown paper bag when venturing out.

uglyBob said...

As Rab C would say ...

" She looks like someone has set fire to her face and then put it out with a hammer
" she's got a face like a blind cobblers thumb "

" Who the fuck has gone and dug up Jane Goody !"