Roman Polanski vs Gary Glitter

As far as I am aware, Gary Glitter has never been charged with rape, sodomy or giving drugs to a thirteen year old in order to commit rape or sodomy, both of which Roman Polanski has been charged with.

France has turned Polanski, not into a pariah, but a cause celebre.

What the feck is going on? Who is the victim? They cannot both be, unless of course one's preference for underage sex is ok if you are a feted film director and not a crap 70's Glam Rocker. Polanski is out there collecting awards and Gary is wiped from all those BBC clip shows about Glam Rock. It must be something to do with how talented you are, which somehow does not seem right to me.

Well done Swissies by the way. It's a great country, and since they are not in the EU, they can do what they fucking like.


JPT said...

Not keen on either of them to be honest - and Glitter is guilty of course of the modern day sin of being fat.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Polanski is an 'artiste' while Gadd is just a rock star.

They are both scumbags, just different types...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why they had to arrest him so dramatically since he has had a chalet in Switzerland for years. Couldn't they just arrest him at home ?
He admitted in court to giving the child alcohol and drugs and then raping her in 1978. He then jumped bail before being sentenced and went abroad. I don't understand why he's so feted by the French.

Charles Crawford said...

The whole business is very peculiar. Including the fact that he was entertained by at least one British Ambassador in Warsaw while likely to be arrested in the UK:

banned said...

His films are generally pretentious rubbish but there is certainly something odd about his prolonged escape from justice and the suddeness of his recapture.

While G Glitter is a convicted nonce his musical output gave me far more entertainment than Polanski ever did.

conspiracy theory said...

A good conspiracy theory that I've thought up that may have some truth.

Polanski introduced "libel tourism" to the UK in 2005. This is where celebrities and oligarchs hold their libel cases under UK law as it's known to be a soft touch. Especially under Judge Eadie. Most normal countries would tell Polanski to sling his hook and go to New York and challenge the libel there. Err he couldn't do that as he raped a child in the US.
He won his case against Vanity Fair of New York over some obscure detail of the 1978 child rape case. This may have ruffled a few feathers in the US because since this case the LA Courts have been getting persistent updates on Polanskis whereabouts by the legal profession and questions as to why he wasn't being pursued.
Meanwhile the Swiss have allowed Polanski to travel back and forth hundreds of times. Especially since he bought a chalet near Zurich.
Suddenly they decide to arrest the most famous fugitive in the world just as international laws are being introduced to block secret bank accounts in Switzerland. What better time for Switzerland to show good faith now that their dubious banking practices are being threatened with exposure ?
And how perfect for the UK and the US that it's the French who will attempt to block extraditon.
The cheese eating surrender monkeys are now protecting child rapists. Perfect.