Political Correctness Will East Itself.

It has been my contention all along that Political Correctness will collapse due to internal conflicts in its logic, for example, in the world of PC, Gay is good, Muslim is good, but the two cannot peacefully co-exist, providing a very difficult paradox for people who cling to it for emotional support and because they are stupid.

The latest is the case of two police women who took turns to look after each other's children. (Women GOOD, children GOOD, childcare GOOD, unregulated babysitting BAD) Ofsted were tipped off about the arrangement and the ministry of correctness was called in.

The Story is HERE


As usual with the PC brigade, this is yet another example of an aggrieved individual ratting to the authorities about a what is essentially a private issue, purely to make mischief. (See the case of the Muslim convert who has managed to have a Christian couple arrested because she lost an argument.)

I say Good! The sooner people realise that these rules (and their enforcers) are absurd organs of repression and political control, the better. It's a case of the rozzers getting a taste of what it is like to live in a police state, and particularly sweet to me because they are that feted 'minority', wimmin with childcare "needs".

Yes, PC will eat itself, and sooner or later all those dick heads who thought it provided a wonderful answer to all the problems of the world, in place of an intelligent worldview, will find it bites them on their own bum. And I hope they get a nasty infection from the teethmarks.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Founds your site from Track A Crat.....like your style and am following. Could you do the same?

banned said...

Love it when their ideologies clash, they closed down my all boys comp because that is 'elitist/sexist' but could not close down the neighbouring girls school because the Asian parents would not have it. Led to a massive imbalance in other local schools, ha ha, but that was thirty years ago.

I had not realised that the 'Muslim' in the hotel discussion case was a convert, makes the story even more disagreeable and I hope the X-Hoteliers fight it all the way.