Is Gordon Brown on Medication?

Gordon has denied it. That means nothing, he is a serial fibber. Take a look at this "official" portrait. Then vote in the survey.


Faux Cu said...

Listen again to the interview.

He said he was not on painkillers. That was the question.

He was also given an own goal by Marr a propos debt and deficit which allowed his to steer his monologue to his prepared position.

Was Marr set up to do the two in order to let Brown lay to rest the two big lies he is sitting on

Faux Cu said...

and, by the way, his offical photie has been photoshoped!

I believe someone, the French maybe, are trying to have such photies carry a public health warning.

With Brown's physiog I concur.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

FC, I would not be surprised at all if the interview was a set-up. Brown was easily able to side-step the question about anti-depressants, because there wasn't one.

It invites sympathy and drives that question off the agenda..they suppose.

Faux Cu said...

We posted almost simultaneously on the Mrs Dale site to the same effect.

Glad to see you are still not yet hunted to extinction by the Polis

Montague Burton said...

His big fib was about his physical fitness. He goes 'running'.

Yes, that's right Gordon, lace up the Bata's, pull up the lycra, tuck in the vest, adjust the headband and off we go for a five mile jog. My underexercised arse.