BNP should be "whites only" if it wants to be

With the recent news that the British National Party has been forced to admit non-white members due to a conflict with race laws, I believe they should be allowed to admit, or not admit, who they please. In the article in the Telegraph, Nick Griffin describes the laws as "undemocratic and Orwellian". I have to agree.

How many, I have to ask, white police officers are there in the Black Police Association?
How many straight men are there in the London Gay Men's Choir?

It is, in the end, horses for courses. Of course, I would never join a party that excluded people on the grounds of race, but that is beside the point. People should have the freedom to choose. The BNP is a legitimate political party. Just because the prevailing wind and the current hegemony demands otherwise, I see no reason why they should not exclude those who will not act in their best interests.

In the end, what difference will it make? You cannot abolish racism and prejudice. The BNP defines itself by its racist views. Letting black people in is not going to solve that, and indeed would give them more moral legitimacy, and you would not want that would you?


Norton Folgate said...

It will be interesting to see if the equality legislation is applied to any other exclusive group and organisations.

I look forward to the Muslim council of self serving bullshit being told they will have to admit non muslims into their club.

I suspect it won't be, the laws are being used as a club to hit people Harman and her cronies don't like.

Equality will not apply equally.

observer said...

Yes the BNP is tolerated by the establishment to make people think that they have an alternative to the main parties and to allow the white indigenous people to let off steam. They can post comments and get worked up before retiring to the pub or the telly feeling slightly better. Whenever the BNP is seen to be getting too popular it will be hit with spurious court cases from quangos like the EHCR etc. The cases are thrown out by the courts but the point is to tie up the BNP's resources, mobilise the MSM against them and hopefully make some of the mud stick.
Their website is popular so is regularly affected by denial of service attacks. Usually during by elections.
If it ever mobilises enough people to actually take to the streets it will be crushed by overwhelming odds. Just watch the reaction of police to muslim protestors shouting for our troops to be killed compared to the reaction of the police to a few old white blokes calling for British jobs for British workers etc.

strapworld said...

I applied to join the Black Police Association. Sadly, I was black balled.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sorry to hear about your "condition" Strappy, old chap. Try some cream on them.

WV Mentig. sounds like something you get from IKEA