This was the week that Gordon Brown's stock (as if he had any) went down several points.

He hardly proved that he was not up to his eyeballs in the Al Megrahi affair. Even more, it has now emerged that he tried to squash attempts by victims of the IRA to seek compensation from Libya for their culpability in the affair.

Minor government member Eric Joyce resigned. He was just another fattened trougher leaving a sinking ship, except that he let slip just how the Brown spin machine continues to assassinate detractors, with the revelation that senior ministers have plotted to smear Army chiefs who don't agree with them. (There is nothing so biting and so brimming with veracity as someone who leaves in a fit of pique.) Joyce was one of those whose expenses reached lottery win levels - a serial trougher over the years, Joyce, as early as March this year was being branded Britain's most expensive MP.

It has rained on me now every day for about two months. I do not exaggerate. July was bad, August was terrible and now, in September, we have had flash floods as well as the daily dose of precipitation. The only consolation is that I have exchanged a modest estate of about 1 and a half acres for a normal sized lawn and the days of trudging around in sodden grass or picking it out of a bunged up lawn mower are over. There was never any point in having land if all you do is run out to cut the grass or kill the weeds during showers. For three years, the greenhouse became a mouldy sepulchre, spawning rotten tomatoes and withered cuttings that belonged in a sarcophagus. Good riddance. We have more space indoors now and have splashed out (forgive the pun) on an aquarium.

Last week I was busy (if you can call it that) working on the music showcase/download website we are developing and seeing live gigs - and there will be more about that when it is fully up and running.

Samoa consists of two main islands in the Pacific and has a population of about 180,000. I mention this because their Prime Minister has decided that they should cease to drive their vehicles on the right and start driving on the left (presumably at a set time and date, rather than a gradual change-over). It will be a laugh, though a lot of Samoans are not happy about it. The move is ostensibly because the PM believes his people will benefit from cheaper imported cars from Japan, Australia and New Zealand. If you ask me, it all sounds like a very lucrative deal has been done. Still, I guess you have worries closer to home...

If you are getting that sinking feeling about working on Monday, maybe it is time to look at your life and see if you need a change. (for a complete lifestyle makeover and a set of really nice pebbles, call 011 34344 4959493 calls charged at £97 per minute.)

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