Not really an Enigma

I was fascinated by Gordon Brown's "apology" over the treatment of Alan Turing, the computer genius and homosexual who was treated like an animal as part of an experiment into chemical castration, at a time when being gay was on a par with paedophilia.

This was in response to a Downing Street petition (they are usually ignored) signed by several worthies, to the effect that Turing should get the posthumous apology. Fine as far as it goes, but where does this hand wringing after the event stop?

I have said it before, should we demand that the Romans apologise for enslaving Britannia in just under 2000 years ago, or apologise to Oscar Wilde?

Brown clearly thinks he is on a safe wicket here, but if I was Alan Turing, the idea of being dredged up to make a failing leader look popular, I would be turning in my grave. The past is the past. We are neither responsible for it, nor should we forget it, but instead use it to inform and enlighten our future.

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enigma master said...

I think he committed suicide in 1957. A postumous apology is better than nothing I suppose.