Mental as Anything - A tale of Two Browns

Derren Brown seems to have confused a lot of otherwise rational people by pursuading them that he can predict lottery numbers. I didn't see the show, but "Mentalism" (what magicians call this kind of trick) is one of the easiest to do and one of the most stunning when it works. All you need to do is to play a trick with time itself - that is, you convince somebody you wrote down the prediction before it happened, when in fact, you wrote it down after it happened or, you forced the result. I used to do magic shows myself, but never did mental stuff because to be honest, it does not require any skill whatsoever, though it can go wrong with disastrous consequences. (I remember a magical acquaintance from way back who nearly throttled himself on a gallows, after wrongly predicting the fake noose from a collection of real ones.)

I don't really do rumours, because by their nature they are speculative. But there is a story going around, now making its way into the MSM and held to have considerable credibility, about Gordon Brown's state of health - particularly his mental state, and specifically the allegation that he is taking strong anti-depressants.

The source of this revival of interest in the Prime Minister's mental health comes this time from

What it interesting is that a number of newspaper columnists are starting to back this story up. It looks as if this is an open secret among Westminster Villagers.

A nutter for PM? On heavy sedation? Yes, I know, the words "that would explain everything" comes to mind, but when you consider that Peter Mandelson is the de facto Prime Minister, and when you consider that Brown "disappears" quite a lot, and when you consider that when he does appear he is incoherent and unable to answer simple questions, then, yes, it does explain everything.


chianti please said...

I can't be bothered with Derren Brown. His shows go on too long and get more tedious each time.
The PM's pill popping make him allergic to avacados, chianti and fine cheeses. Bit of a blow for a champagne socialist I would think.
It was typical seeing him taking the credit for the hostage rescue and then running for cover when it was criticised. Blaming Jobsworth for it all.
Can we take it that all the media who are screaming abuse at the NYT reporter for his recklessness will refuse to file stories from reporters in future unless a full assessment has been made of the risks ? No more "undercover with the taliban " etc from CH4 et al.

strapworld said...


If the rumours about Gordon Brown are true then it shows that his cabinet, the civil service and the MSM are pygmies, self serving cowards who all deserve to be thrown on the dole queue without pity.

I have no liking for Brown but I have a common decency
and compassion for fellow human beings who may be in need of help.

That Brown is not being helped by these 'colleagues' is a disgrace and shows these people for what they are.

But it also shows that politicians putting themselves up for high office- indeed for any office- should be subjected to a full mental and physical inspection and if they fail, for whatever reason, they should never be allowed to take that office.

Cameron, also, should be acting on Brown's behalf by seeking assurances, privately, that he is fit and the rumours are not true. He should have the right to speak to the Queen who herself could demand that Brown be examined by her physician.

We must care for the man, but in this case worry for our Country.

When people say the lunatics have taken over the asylum...perhaps they are telling the truth!

Rebel Saint said...

The ideal that our leaders should be exemplars of perfect mental & physical health is worrying. I am instructed that we should judge a tree by the quality of it's fruit. It is because of the rotten, dispicable mess our nation is in that we should despise Gordon Brown's governance for, not his personal health.

I have no problem a country being run by a man with a physical infirmity or even by bouts of depression - this makes them human.

I do strongly object to a country being led by a thrice sacked, unelected, oligarch