Snort Cocaine - kill us all

I have noticed that the elections in Afghanistan are not going well. I notice, for instance, that the United Nations has declared the victory of Mr Karzai a fraud.

I am largely ignorant of Afghanistan. All I know is that our brave young men are dying there in support of a bent puppet leader. I fail to understand why we are there, knowing full well that historically, the country has been resistant to conquest and we are conducting an un-winnable war for very little demonstrable reason.

Karzai, as I understand it, was put in place by the Americans. Well, I know one thing for sure.You cannot interfere with the evolution of a country. The Prime directive (as Trekkers would say). We will lose this war and Afghanistan will return to a lawless society propped up by the production of heroin that is destined for the Western World.

If you believe in the retribution of God, which I certainly do, you may notice that it is the decadent Western World, with its voracious appetite for getting off its face on drugs, is propelling the state of Afghanistan into a haven for super terrorists, who will one day come and bomb us. We shall die by our own hand. You have to admit, there is a certain sweet irony about it all.


troops out said...

It's ironic that Afghanistan produced the least amount of drugs when the Taliban were in charge. Farmers were persuaded not to grow poppies by the threat of death. It was deemed unislamic.
Since we invaded the production of drugs has gone up significantly.
I'm not sure what we're in Afghanistan for either but I do know that it willl revert to normal when we leave. Either in 5 years or 500 years.
Excellent reportage here from an independent journalist.

Uncle Bob said...

Actually if we snorted cocaine Afghanistan would benefit not a jot. South America would do quite nicely out of it though. Why don't the coalition forces just burn the poppy crops? We have all these drones flying over there, it would be easy enough to destroy crops before they could be exported.

troops out said...

Uncle Bob

They can't control the locals at
the moment so they certainly wouldn't want to go sticking their fingers in that hornets nest. And what about when the farmers starve with their cash crop of poppies destroyed ? Will we then feed them ?
The reality is that our troops venture out of their compounds carefully and are glad just to get back in one piece. They don't have the resources or the time to go around bombing poppy fields and then fighting every farmer in Afghanistan who wouldn't be too chuffed about it.

Mrs R said...

We were talking about this the other day and realised we'd got it wrong because cocaine comes from coca which is grown in South America whereas the Afghanistan poppies produce opium which is turned into heroin, but they could be used ot produce morphine, which has a medicinal use and could legitimise the harvest. Somehow I don't think it'll happen though.