Every Picture Tells a Story

Yes, every picture tells a story, but it still does not mean the BBC can get away without mentioning the crucial fact that the above individuals are Islamist Extremists. They were going to create mass murder. Their motive was inspired by a religion which is in opposition to the British way of life, in opposition to freedom of speech, freedom of political association, opposition to gender equality, opposition to sexual orientation equality and a lot more.

Elsewhere, a protest against people like this being allowed to live here descended into chaos and violence. I don't know the facts, but it serves the interests of the liberal left to make sure that it did indeed descend into violence. Maybe it got violent because people are angry about the way our leaders are appeasing those who want to destroy us.

I make no bones about the fact that anybody, including their families, who associate with this kind of atrocity be simply put on a plane back to whatever shithole they or their parents came from, including those who were born here. It is no longer about nationality, it is about heritage and the right of indigenous British people to enjoy a way of life born out of courage and determination and honour and a striving for the rights of all, not the few.


Norton Folgate said...

Agreed, i expressed similar sentiments on my page only in a somewhat clumsier fashion.

Al Ja Beeb said...

The BBC just can't bring themselves to mention Islam. They did a program last week on the Anniversary of the Beslan massacre and there was no mention of Islamic terrorists. In fact if you had no prior knowledge there was no clue at all apart from when a child said he fears people with beards.
Kate Hamble is having a hoot following the frankincense trail in the middle east. Last week she was in Saudi. It was so far removed from real life for a typical saudi female as to be criminal. She was diving in the Red Sea, meeting village elders, flying with an unrelated male, taking control of a sports car, meeting princes etc... Brilliant PR for the saudis.

strapworld said...

As ever, I agree with you.
BUT can you ever see Brown, Clegg or that weak man Cameron doing this?

I am afraid it will be massive public demonstrations if and when other malcontents from the muslim ''community'' actually commit an atrocity, that these weak politicians will be forced to do something.

At the moment it is very much a case of the tail wagging the dog.

I note that the 'leader' of the Birmingham mosque urged his people to demonstrate against the English National League (or whatever they are called!)last weekend

Some man of peace! Will he be charged with inciting people? ....if he was white he would have been. As he is a member of the untouchables...I will not hold my breath.

Rebel Saint said...

"Elsewhere, a protest against people like this being allowed to live here descended into chaos and violence."

I don't know what protest you are alluding to. Can you expand a little?