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Regular commenter, Strapworld, has drawn my attention to a blog that seems to pick up stories that nobody else covers.

Last Tuesdays post on

has the following:

"At a joint press conference yesterday, screened live on France 24, while Britain was on its Bank Holiday, Merkel described the procedure by which the German Parliament will assume "control" on all EU matters undertaken within the EU under the terms of the soon to be ratified Lisbon Constitutional Treaty.."

Anybody know more about this? The blogger found it hard to find any MSM reports on this (though that may not surprise some of us), though I suspect the remarks were in the context of the press conference, which was about the rules on banking.

Thanks, Strapworld for the link

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Martin Cole said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog Ironies Too.

In fact the legislation going through the two German legislative bodies before their General Election has been reported on.

The fact that the German Constitutional Court has ruled that so much parliamentary power is transferred beyond German democratic controls and has required restraints appears not to have been taken at its face value namely that the same must be true for the other 26 members AND no parliamentarian in any of those 26 other parliaments has requested similar protections to those being applied in Germany, which effectively give the German Parliament control over matters BEFORE they go to the European Council - if every country required this the EU would be neutred.

Thus Germany becomes the de facto ruler of the EU being the sole country with a Parliament with the right of veto ahead of any EU consideration.

I would hope these facts become more widely known in Ireland, the only place where an change can now be made it seems.

Like your blog.

Martin Cole